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Z 400 dies at stop signs

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Had the gas tank off. Put it back together. Starts and runs strong until I come to a stop and it dies. If I turn off the ignition then turn it back on, it will start up again. Won't die if I keep the rpms at about 2000.

Any ideas?
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If you shift into neutral before stopping rather than shifting into 1st and pulling in the clutch, can you stop without the engine dying? If so, your clutch could be dragging... If you put the rear wheel on a stand, and start the engine and put it in 1st gear and pull in the clutch, the rear wheel should stop in about one revolution -- it should not keep spinning.

If you don't turn the ignition off and on and just press the starter button after it stalls, what happens? Turning the engine off and on does prime the fuel pump. It also resets the vehicle-down sensor state...
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If I put it in neutral or pull in clutch, it still dies.
If I try to start it w/o turning off first it turns over. Not sure if the pump cycles then. Was hard to hear.
Could I have mounted the tip over sensor wrong?
Is it under the left cowl?
Thanks for answering again Rich. I've got to run now. Will get back to you later.
Oh, last night I broke the fuel rail, so no testing for a while :(
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The tipover sensor has an "up" indicator and an arrow -- it can be mounted upside-down -- it is near the headlight (on N400, anyway).

But if it was upside-down, I would hope you would not start at all (but I have seen them be slow to detect tipovers...).

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What is this word mean--"stop"?


Seriously, I hope it's a quick and easy fix.
Good one. Thanks.
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Good one. Thanks.
Thanks again Rich T. It was the tip over switch.
Runs strong again.
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