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I only rode the Ninja 400 about 150 miles with these installed on it, with my Delkevic full exhaust system. Nearly brand new and I paid nearly $900.00/shipped for these just a month ago. This made a huge difference in smoothness and throttle response, as it is much faster than the stock ECU and smoothed out the power delivery.

I have decided to sell or trade in my Ninja 400 in Spring of 2022 and the riding season here in Illinois will not be for much longer. I want to go back to the factory header with an aftermarket muffler, so no need for a tuner with that setup. The AF2 no longer needs the 4 in 1 harness and tunes quicker than the AF1 module it succeeded. These are backordered and hard to find in a lot of places.

Comes with:
  • Aracer Mini 5 race ECU
  • B-link bluetooth module
  • Aracer AF2 autotuning module
  • Wideband O2 sensor
  • All harnesses

Very easy to install, programmable with your smartphone, and allows you to tune your Ninja 400 to whatever AFR you want per RPM range. Much better than a Power Commander as this is a complete ECU which removes factory restrictions and allows you to program your bike the way you want. The Autotune allows you to tune as you ride, saving and loading maps with your smartphone.

Asking $750 or best offer, but I am not going much lower than that.

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