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Thanks everyone for the info! I wasn't necessary worried about potentially getting slightly better lap times with the "perfect" PSI, but more so worried it would be too bouncy or spongey were I would eat **** and die haha.

The day went fine/fun, but I drastically like Buttonwillow over SOW. The track condition in SOW got me very hesitant to push it. There were tar snakes everywhere, 2 inch cracks that ran across the whole track, holes in the ground the size of a cantaloupe, someone crashed in the second session and spilled fluid across the whole road, etc. Honestly, I'd rather go to the canyons than SOW again... They had the Yamaha Demos, so I did get to finally try an R6 & naked bike finally. It made me realize I'm perfectly fine on the 400 for my needs. I went in braking with almost the same pressure on the R6 as I use on the 400 at the end of the straight and the rear lifted a bit - I was a bit worried for a second 😅.

Next time, I think I'd strongly prefer a trailer of some sort. I wasn't looking forward to the 1.5 ride home after waking up at 5am and riding there.
Oh well, sounds like you learnt a few things over the course of the day and it's confirmed your decision to keep the bike.
Tracks do vary somewhat and an oil or coolant spill is always unsettling. The only leveler is that everyone has to ride over it!
Thanks for the update.
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