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Thanks, Jetpilot01. We used to live in Texas, and loved it, but being dual Canadian - U.S. citizens, we moved back to Canada when I retired, partly because medical coverage here in Canada has no premiums or deductibles. In fact, we never even see a bill of any sort other than for Rx drugs, and Rx drugs are far less costly here than in The U.S. (That's why Americans try to import Rx drugs from Canada). That's a big deal when you are older AND on a retirement income.

And COVID is WAY better managed up here than in The U.S. because the culture is a little (lot?) more socialistic than individualistic. Our voluntary COVID vaccination rate in British Columbia is over 90% (including age 12+ kids) have had one shot and something like 86% have had 2 shots, and we are doing boosters in reverse age order. Our hospitalization and death rates are FAR lower than in The U.S. And motorcycling (when it is not raining bucketfuls) is an ideal and VERY enjoyable "self-isolation"! :)

By the way, "Great White North" applies to most regions of Canada, but NOT Vancouver Island in the Province of British Columbia. Our winter daily lows on the coldest nights barely get below freezing, and daily highs are in the 10F to 20F range even in January. WE see modest amounts of snow maybe 3 or 4 times a year and it melts right away. So with the proper gear I can ride all year! But this current period of rain is just bizarre!

Jim G

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Wanted to add my setup and numbers to the mix:

Stock rear - 18.4 lbs
Stock front - 12.8 lbs

Moss rear - Spears 42 tooth sprocket, Norton rotor, titanium bolt kit, Spears valve stem, Aluminum sprocket carrier spacer, and Driven Captive spacers - 14.6 lbs
Moss front - Brembo rotor, titanium bolt kit, Spears valve stem - 11.4 lbs
(I have Aluminum inner spacers for front and rear and plan to use ceramic bearings, but don't have them in yet)

Weight savings - 3.8 lbs rear and 1.4 lbs front = 5.2 lbs total

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