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*Disclaimer This mod is not practical for many riders who live in a warm or hot climate for obvious reasons.

According to Wiki, where I live the average temperature high ranges from 18.7 °C (65.7 °F) in January to 9.5 °C (49.1 °F) in July. And that's the highs!
So for this reason, and the fact that I dont ride in built up city traffic with long delays at lights idling etc, my fan never kicks in. So on my last two bikes I removed the fan as what is the point in transporting around a redundant part that weights 3/4 of a Kilogram? None IMO.
I do re-fit the fan before on selling the bike tho!

So today I did the same to the Ninja, it takes about 15 minutes (once your fairings are off) and is very straightforward. Here's a how-to for those interested:

1. Remove both side fairings.

2. Loosen the two bolts that hold the coolant reservoir onto the frame by about 15mm. This will allow the radiator to slide sideways and off the top mount so that it can hinge forwards allowing access to the fan.

Auto part Engine Vehicle Car Muffler

Loosen the lower mount bolt on the RH side by the same amount.

Auto part Metal

Remove the top radiator hose on the LH side and tie up with a cable tie so that coolant wont drip out. A little coolant will run out of the radiator so have a catch pan underneath it.

Vehicle Motor vehicle Auto part Engine Car

Slide the radiator to the right so that the top rubber mount slides off its locating pin.

Auto part

Disconnect the electrical connection and cable tie it up out the way with some electrical tape over the end of the plug to keep crud out in future.

Motor vehicle Auto part Tire Vehicle Automotive tire

The radiator can now pivot forward away from the engine.

Tire Automotive tire Auto part Vehicle Spoke

Undo the two lower mount bolts for the fan and plastic surround shroud. They look like this:

Auto part Water Rim Automotive wheel system Automotive exterior

Undo the two top mount bolts

Auto part Engine

Remove the fan and shroud assembly.

Auto part Vehicle Motor vehicle Engine Bicycle part

Reverse the above procedure, check your coolant level is still Ok and run engine up with the radiator cap cracked open to allow any trapped air to escape.

Computer cooling Electric fan Mechanical fan Technology Ventilation fan

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Lighter than air?

Well if you keep removing items from the bike your going to need some rocks in your pockets to keep you on the ground when riding!

You can always do away with the seats, plastics, fenders, rear shock etc. (see below pic for one guys attempts at weight reduction)

I know, my sarcasm has been noted.:wink:

Let's see what is next, titanium fasteners for the bike, (you have already opted out of the carbon fiber wheels)?

Then there is always the extreme lightweight brake rotors (see pic below)

Good work though, do you have a set of scales locally to determine the weight of the bike now?


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Ha ha! I love that picture of the skeleton bike, a good laugh over breakfast. :smile_big:

If I won the lottery a set of carbon wheels would be on there for sure. Probably pass on the rotors too, maybe if I was racing it. Interesting stuff though.

Yep, I have access to scales but I wont weigh the bike until I've changed the slip on.

Contrary to popular belief I don't believe sarcasm to be the lowest form of wit. :D
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