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Not all marriages work, that's the facts. They're not for everybody. No apologies needed. I hope I don't need to apologize for being a lifer. No marriages are perfect, but I heard a song recently which I'm going to have played at our 50th wedding anniversary (in 2 years) Lewis Capaldi's Pointless Lewis Capaldi - Pointless (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube
If you're married and it's working watch it. let me know what you think (message me). Trigger Warning: If your marriages didn't work don't watch it.

I know it seems like a lot of work figuring out how to make my wife (relatively) comfortable on the Z but I've done this for all my street bikes. And as has been noted, the storage aspects are useful for all.

I wish it was more common for other married couples to have "Epic" rides with their spouse. We could go from 50mph pointing out the best blooming spring flowers to my hang on alert and go triple digit without a flinch. Hot rodding through the twisties is no problem for her either.

Now however my age is taking a toll and I'm getting slower. And the teacher will be ready to critique my riding.

Worst case scenario is yet another (final?) retirement from biking for me and some lucky winner will get to buy a very well set up Z400.
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