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Whelp, FIRST ride today on the new to me 2019 Z400 with 1600 **** miles on it, and the clutch is slipping when you give it full gas. Kawi, you should be ashamed!

So I hear there is a Barnett upgraded clutch kit including heavier pressure clutch springs, AND the 5 friction plates in a thicker than stock measurement. Got it, bummed as heck to have to do this at ALL of course, thanks for hearing me gripe. (I am saddened! Not normal/expected).

So where can they be had reasonably? Just contact Barnett, or have we a place we suggest folks go for a good deal?


(P.S. that front end DIVES on the brakes, just doing sporty basic one finger braking -- WAY soft. Otherwise, pleased. Decent little motor we've got here, even stock and corked up! Fun ride, hammered it pretty hard chucking it around on track like conditions on the "shake out a bike handling route" in the hills NW outside Portland, Oregon.)

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You can get the Barnett springs from Norton Motorsports or Spears Racing.

Make sure your clutch lever is adjusted correctly too.

On the front end diving as stated some Traxxion springs for the forks set for your weight will help prevent that dive and I'd also suggest changing out the form oil with Maxim brand 15 weight or 20 weight fork oil.

Depending on your weight will determine the weight fork oil you'll need.
Fir a bit of adjustability some preload adjusters from Norton or eBay will finish off the front end issues and give you a bit better feel while providing better stability on hard braking and tearing up the tarmac. 馃榿馃憤
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