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I have 50+ YouTube videos on this channel, some kinda' old! I thought this video was worthy of sharing and showing me almost being a complete dumbass.

2nd place in MiddleWeight class

This was a Team 60 race which is a 60 minute race with two team members, one rides until they wave a flag at 25-35mins so the pit lane will be open. Then current racer comes into pits, someone swaps the transponder from his bike to the other team member's bike which was mine. I then take off to finish race. Before the race, my teammate(Seanze) said that we don't need full gas tanks to only race for approximately 30mins. Hmmm, I think, great idea,.....but we(I) don't know how much to put in. I can estimate, I mean guess at the amount. Here's the video from the last lap as I was running out of gas. LMAO!!
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