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2022 Z400
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Hello fellow riders,
A few thoughts and perhaps a question or two...
I had looked at the MT03, and that re-fired my bike lust. But none were available at the time...
In fact I had to go out of state to get the Z (July 22).
I picked up a new '22 Z400, and really enjoy this bike.
I'm 67, about 5'7" and semi decrepit
. Inseam is about 30", so the Z is light enough for me, & I can flat-foot it at a stop.
I've installed bar risers: Zeta 7/8-offset-handlebar-risers
Zeta 7/8" Offset Handlebar Risers | 10% ($6.49) Off! - RevZilla
Also a PUIG shield : PUIG Carenabris Bat Windshield
Puig Carenabris Bat Windshield Clear | Motardinn
clear - discontinued but still viewable. #8088 is the clear

I tried the little puig but wanted more wind protection.
Anyhow - this bike is a blast ! & I've owned (too) many bikes
Here is a question...
Not sure how to word it, but it seems "nose heavy" to me. Absolutely NO tendency to lift the front wheel.
Now at 67 I really don't aspire to pull wheelies, but recall my Versys 650(s) would lift a bit on a hard roll-on in 1st.

Seems to corner real nice so I am not complaining. I don't ride that aggressively anyhow. I really don't want to take a spill.
I softened the rear shock by one notch and that took some harshness out of bumps.
I ride here in central Oklahoma, so not a twisty heaven,. but there a few roads around that make for a nice day trip.
Hopefully going to Montana this summer - my son lives there. Love the mountain west !!!
I have my seats at a local upholsterer, so I'm looking forward to a more comfy ride when the weather gets better.
Anyone in this part of the " neighborhood" ??
This site is very useful to me - so a hearty thanks to all who post.
There is a very interesting thread on ADV concerning this little jewel also... Kawasaki Z400 ADV = VX400 Lite
Kawasaki Z400 ADV = VX400 Lite

Chime in please - open to chat or ride if you are semi local...

2022 Z400
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The Versys had more power, and also a riding position that has your weight further up and back. So not surprising that it was easier to get the front end light.

I lived in OKC for 28 years, up until Oct 2021. Closest good riding is in Arkansas.
Good points !!
Was just a bit puzzling. But I think you are on the money there.
Yep, Arkansas has some really nice roads for sure.

2022 Z400
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The Z is essentially a Ninja with the fairings stripped off and a single piece handlebar, so I think you'll find the Z has a much more forward weight bias than the Versys. Makes it a great bike for commuting, or any road with a decent curve. Actually it's a very capable road bike full stop.
I have almost 4000 miles on it since August. I really do enjoy riding the Z. Hopefully more so soon. My seats are ready but we have another week before more suitable temps return.

2022 Z400
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Took seats to local upholsterer. Thought that might be the ticket. Naw... Shoddy job.
Crooked point on front of rear seat, overstuffed. Could not properly seat the pilots seat.
So ordered seats off ebay Black White Driver & Passenger Seat Cushion Fit For Kawasaki Ninja 400 2018-2022 | eBay
& requested full refund from the local guy. We shall see ...
Still fairly chilly here (48 for today's high) so not terribly freaked.
The Zinja will ride again!
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