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I've managed to squeeze out 500km of riding time here in Ontario, Canada. I wanted to share in case anyone else has an issue with the clutch on the Z400, there is hope!
This winter I purchased and installed the Norton / Ninja400R Race Spec Clutch Upgrade Kit in a 19′ Z400, it was a fairly painless install with the great instructions. I have to say that this upgrade is absolutely amazing, completely different bike.
The clutch upgrade has given me the impression that I am on a much more expensive bike than I actually am. I am no longer looking to change bikes in 2020, actually I will probably keep this bike for more than a few years now. After the install the bike shifts smooth as butter, with no dropping out of gear or false neutrals. Best of all no more clutch slippage in the higher rev range! Shifts are now more positive and the clutch engagement is way better than stock, with more feel from the lever. I would like to thank Norton Motorsports and Ninja 400R for making quality parts for my bike, something that Kawasaki should have done right in the first place.
Keep up the great work Jesse !!!!
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