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I grew up in a state that did not require helmets, and on short rides my dad would not wear one, but even then when I was old enough and lived in a state that required a helmet I always wore a full face.

Lived and rode in two states when I was old enough to ride on the street that did not require them and I still wore a full face helmet...........

I live by the same philosophy I do as a Firefighter, you don't dress for the immediate occasion, or how you feel about something, but for the what if.....worst case scenario.......or what could potentially go sideways or happen. Truly better safe than sorry.....or dead.

I can be minding my own business and next thing I know something is flying upside my head.......or some dummy runs up behind me my blind side and side swipes me.......never know

I was at Firefighter training one time and we were doing pump panel and truck operations, and we had a tanker hooked up to the pumper/engine and we were flowing low volume psi water off the engine or the tank, but never both at once, to keep it flowing and letting people get use to how to operate the pump panel and flow water, control lines, etc.

Well someone accidentally hit the wrong button and had the tanker pumping the engine and throttle up to maintain rpm instead of a psi, which the engine was already pumping, and the pressure relief valve was off, and the tanker was set to run at an RPM that pushed 150 psi to the engine, and this caused the pressure to double and the engine to jump to 300 psi on a 1 /34" line I had open flowing a semi straight stream in a combo nozzle.
The pressure jumped so fast and sudden that it tossed my little 150 lbs self on the pavement before I had a chance to even realize the pressure and flow just jumped up drastically...........well I sorta did, but I was already 45 degrees vertical to the ground when I tried to shut off the nozzle without water hammering the heck out of the needless to say I smacked the tarmac pretty hard.......thankfully my butt touched down first, then my elbow, shoulders and then my head took a nice little bounce off the pavement

No concussion I know of, but if I would have 1. Been in a stance to flow the hose/nozzle as if it was on 125+ psi and 2. Dressed for the worst, and had my fire helmet on I might have not hit the ground or if I did brushed off as if nothing happened......and I knew better to being on the dept for about 10 years when this happened......its easy to get lazy and say, hey we are just training, and I am basically watching paint dry.......what could go wrong in such a controlled environment?
21 - 25 of 25 Posts