Selling off some parts from a 400 race build that didn't happen. Also posted on the WERA forum.

TST Version 1 Velocity stacks - Used One of them will require some RTV or glue to tighten as the threads are stripped. Used it that way for a couple track days with no issues.
Price: $50 shipped

TST Worx Key Switch Delete - Mounted but never ridden with.
Price: $55 shipped. SOLD

Motion Pro Handlebar Start/Stop Switch for Ninja 400 - New
Price: $85 shipped

Norton Motorsports Steering stop - Mounted but never ridden with.
Price: $40 shipped. SOLD

Norton Motorsports voltage regulator relocation mount - New
Price: $45 shipped. SOLD

Norton Motorsports clutch bypass plug - New
Price: $10 shipped. SOLD

Spears Racing Aluminum Fuel Rail - New Comes with Orings
Price: $150 shipped

Spears Racing Emission block off kit - Used comes with hardware and caps
Price: $12 shipped

Pitbull spools - New
Price: $10 shipped

Mirror block off plates (aluminum)
Price: $10 shipped

Motion Pro overflow catch can - Used with extra tubing
Price: $15 shipped. SOLD

Rear brake reservoir delete - Used Tubing, clamps and cap. Made from HRC parts
Price: $10 shipped

BrakeTech Axis/Cobra SS Floating Rotor 5mm - Used (2 trackdays ) @ JGP barely touched the brakes. Can still see crosshatching on the contact surface. Purchased new from Norton.
Price: $285 Shipped

Paypal or Venmo only. I can/will provide of photos of all items if interested. Send a PM. First to show the money gets the part.