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Hi everyone,

I am thinking about upgrading to a 1000cc Ninja 1000 SX for sport touring and would love some input on this.
Anyone has any experience moving from a 400 to a 1000 cc? What are your thoughts? Worth doing or waste of money?
I am a little scared of the power bump. I ride responsibly but sometimes in a straight I do like to open it a little. Although I enjoy 0-60 significantly more than 60-90 if you know what I mean [Torque lover, not HP].

---- Context ----

I live in upstate New York, so we have all seasons here.

I have been riding my 2018 Ninja 400 ABS (first bike) for 1.5 years now and absolutely love the bike. I have done around 4,5k miles, 2000+ miles of which is just riding around nature and mountains and at least 500 miles on the racetrack. I also ride a lot with my girlfriend or others on the back for little excursions, but it gets uncomfortable for us a little quickly and the power starts really becoming an issue when going 2 up. I am 6'2" and 220 lbs so generally on the taller/ heavier side. I have heard it said that you get your first bike as a good all-rounder and then figure out what kind of riding you want to do and then get the bike to do it. I am now sure I want to focus more on the leisurely/ meditative/ nature focused riding, maybe also a bit more with a passenger or even some longer range/ highway touring. Stereotypical 40-year old dad riding essentially in spirit, even though I am 24.

The two main reasons I see for going from an essentially perfect bike for beginners like the N400 to something like the N1000SX is mainly:
  • The suspension and adjustability. Because I am heavy and I like to take friends on the bike, suspension non-adjustability is becoming an issue. The N1k has essentially fully adjustable suspension. Having better suspension on the rougher roads would also help with comfort and ride length, at least in my mind. when pushing 2 hours, general body fatigue does begin to set in on the N400, which I can only do so much on with preload adjustment and tire pressures.
  • Power: Again, passing on the highway is tricky or going 2-up significantly reduces torque conversion on the N400 for me and makes the experience less enjoyable. I'd like something that nearly pulls as fast when I am on it as when I have another person with me (I know this doesn't make sense physics etc but you know what I mean).
  • Heated Grips, Quick shifter, Safety Features / IMU(!), Better wind protection from touring windscreen, better headlights are also all relevant in my calculation because they become important for the type of sport/adventure riding I want to do, which on the N400 is a little tricky with (headlights not good!!!).

It's a big investment, but I can see myself using this for many years to come. Thoughts?
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