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Hi all,

I'm new here. Thanks for the forum, and thanks for all the great discussions!

I thought I'd share a simple solution I found for locking luggage on the back -- not super secure, but enough to keep friends honest, as they say... :)

It starts with the Ventura Sport Rack and their EVO-10 pack -- both of which are superb quality.

The pack was not lockable, so I looped two short lengths of 3/32" cable thru the pack zippers and cinched their ends with ferrules.

Then I took a 5-foot length of 1/8" cable and cinched short loops on both ends with ferrules as well.

Finally, I lock the 1/8" cable to the bike by simply using the rear seat pillion post thru one of its end loops, which is locked using the motorcycle key itself, and use the small helmet strap cutouts (still usable) to extend the cable around/thru the rack and pack and thru the short 3/32" cable loops on the pack zippers!

See pictures -- I'm pretty happy with it -- my mini pump and tire kit live in the pack, and I don't have to carry another key! :)

A bit more about me... My first bike was a 1975 KZ-400D, so I have come full circle (and the bike has lost 60 pounds)! I have a wife and 14yo daughter here in Colorado.

A bit more about my bike... In addition to the Ventura rack and pack, I have Woodcraft frame and swing arm sliders (we used a longer 140mm bolt, also from Woodcraft, for the left side frame slider), and use Woodcraft stands. I also have a few extra reflective stripes on the outside and run Motul 7100 10W-40 synthetic oil on the inside. I routinely get 75mpg (according to the speedo, which reads 5% optimistic with stock tires).

We (mostly my daughter, to learn, with me overseeing) have done a bunch of mostly unnecessary work on the engine, during this COVID stay-at-home summer, including measuring valve clearances (all were within spec, at 1000 miles :)), then removing the camshafts/buckets and measuring the shims themselves, then using OEM parts (and cable spring) from Norton Motorsports to upgrade the clutch pull rod and bearing to 2020 specs, and finally doing all the periodic maintenance.

Next year we plan to drop the engine and get to the crankshaft and transmission -- both things of beauty!

Ride safe!

-- Rich
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