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I have a full set of Laco moto race/track body work for sale for the Ninja 400. Body work is in black as purchased from Spears Racing. Comes with all the fasteners and a clear windshield. This was on a 2019 Ninja 400 I purchased from a friend. Body work has never been crashed but there are some scratches and faults from use.

There were a few cracks on the belly pan that have been professionally repaired. There is also a small hole on one of the side panels that needs to be filled. Please see the pictures. There are some residue from stickers that were on the bike.

This body work is very, very light. It is as light as carbon fiber body work I've had on other bikes over the years. New this set is around $1000 plus shipping, and worth it if you want the lightest, best, for these bikes.

I have more pictures and can take any detail pictures you want.

$600 plus actual shipping. Local pick up or a meet is possible. Located on Long Island in New York.

Best contact is e mail: [email protected]

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