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Had the day off today and the forecast was rain, so it seemed like a good time to see about putting together a mount for my phone. Earlier this year I was using a Ram X-Grip with a stem mount, but I didn’t like having the phone positioned right above the key, and I didn’t care for the looks of it either.

I use an OtterBox Defender case that’s saved my phone from certain destruction a time or two, so what I really wanted was a mount that I could snap that case into, just like it does with my belt holster.

Kawasaki provided the perfect place to attach this project to, on the unused mirror mounting hole on the top of the clutch lever perch. This hole takes a M10x1.25 right hand threaded bolt. I used one that was 20mm long, but you could get by with one a little shorter. The only bolt I could find looks like it belongs on a bulldozer, but hopefully I’ll be able to find an allen head bolt at some point to replace it with.


A trip the hardware store yielded the screws and aluminum stock that I needed, and I had already picked up a spare OtterBox Defender holster a while back.

The first step was to form the base that would hold the holster in position on the handlebar. I doubled the near end of it over so it will be less likely to skewer me if I ever crash. After it was shaped and I was satisfied with how it fit, I gave it a once over with a piece of scotchbrite.

Next I had to perform a clip-ectomy on the holster.


The clip is held on by a knob of plastic. I covered the back of the holster with aluminum tape to protect it and sawed it off nearly flush.


With a fresh layer of tape applied I was able to get things pretty smooth with the belt sander:


Now I could drill and countersink the holes for the screws that would hold it together.


The last step before assembly was to apply a couple of coats of paint to the aluminum base.

With it all assembled and installed I checked again to make sure it wouldn’t come too close to the tank or windshield.



I’m pretty happy with the end product. It was kind of fun to make and it looks like it’s going to work well. Now if this rain would just end I could get out and try it on the road.


I’m happy with everything about it except the radius is a little too tight on one of the bends. I think I’ll use it for a few rides to make sure I like the positioning of it and then form up a new base.

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Finally got around to making the new base for my phone mount. It didn’t take long since I basically just had to copy the original, only with proper bend radii this time. 🤪


After drilling the mounting holes I threaded an old drywall screw into one of them, and used it for a handle while I sprayed on a coat of paint.


I like the position of it much better than I did my old Ram stem mount.

Next I’m going to need a USB outlet, so I can leave the phone display on for three or four hours...



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