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It was very mild compared to full season tourist. When I was traveling little river gorge rd. No cars in front or behind me and very few on the other side passing by. So I thought yeah Cades Cove won't be that bad. I got about 1/2 mile in the loop and Bam stand still. Bear in the woods had all the people looking like deer in headlights. So had about 20 cars in front of me. Speed limit is 20 I think for loop. But it just takes one person to crawl and the rest behind them have no choice but to crawl with them. Plenty of pull off space but not enough for every one to pull off to see so most people will just park in the middle of the road hold everybody up. People get out of their vehicles and leave them sitting to get photos.

I can say people didn't like me being behind them so had a lot that would move over for me to go around. 11 mile loop took me 1 1/2hr. On a busy day the loop is practically bumper to bumper.

Definitely liked to took more photos and spend time out there. But till I get new helmet I gotta be home before dark.

I recommend it for sure as place to vist in a car. Abraham Falls very nice... old cabins and churches, mill. But on the bike it's was almost full time 1st gear riding the clutch, holding the brake. Stop and go up hill, down hill.
Maybe try it in Jan. Feb?
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