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Today I installed:
Aracer Mini5
Aracer AF1 Autotune
Akrapovic carbon slip on
Akrapovic header

Glad I did the heavier racing clutch springs and return spring mod from Spears!

The power and smoothness is amazing. This is not the same bike, yet it still isn't excessive power to get away from you.

The mini5 is so cool! There are some neat extra features like backfire control, so you can safely add some snap and crackle. There's also an idle feature to control the lope and sound characteristics.

I am content with the power and responsiveness. For now, lol. The Akra system sounds great!

IF...I did anything else, I'd lean towards the Norton velocity stack set up. With a stand alone ECU/autotune, I'd have the changes dialed in in miles.

Things to consider:

I have a graves block off kit to eliminate the PAIR, not sure if I will bother for now.

Whether I have anything to gain by autotuning on premium 91 octane fuel (best we get in CA without paying $10/gal.
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