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I finally got my garmin GPS setup to make the best use out of it for me. I know most of you all probably use your phone. Guess I am just old fashion and like the garmin.

I tried a small tank bag. No matter where I placed it on the tank I couldn't see it well enough for it to be useful.

So I found a mount on amazon.. 16$, a Visor for 10$. Add some silicon to the edges of the screen, the cracks around the body of the GPS to water proof it. Videos on youtube. And I mounted the GPS to the mirror arm. Now when riding looking at the GPS is as easy as looking at the mirror. I know nothing special, but it works greats. Can find garmin nuvi cheap on Facebook or even amazon.

Heavy Duty Bike Motorcycle Clamp Mount Holder for Garmin Nuvi 52LM 54 55LMT 56LMT 57LMT 58LMT 66 67 68 2557 2559LMT 2597 2598 2639 2689 2699 Drive DriveSmart 51 60 61 62 63 65 67 LMT T GPS

Ramtech 5 Inch GPS Visor Sun Shade with Bonus Stylus Pen & Screen Protector, Compatible with Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT 2597LMT 2598LMTHD 2599LMTHD GPS, VSC5

Excuse the mess in my garage

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Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design Gauge Speedometer

Fuel tank Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle
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