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Front Brake Buzzing?

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I noticed yesterday while riding that when I pull my front brake lever, it makes kind of a buzzing sound. Not sure if this is normal or not, but I don't recall my 2008 250 doing it.

I'm guessing it's that it's just new brakes, but I wanted to make sure.
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My bike is doing the same. The buzz sound is obvious when the brake disc/pad is cold. No more buzz sound after the disc/pad is hot.
Hopefully that problem is something that dissipates once the bike is properly broken in. I'm pretty sure that all the track spec'd 400's on here will be going with aftermarket brakes.
Mine buzz also on my N400 and my cb1000r I have aftermarket front brakes and no brake light switch on it. I dont know why the buzz so far no issues with it though.
Yeah I haven't had any issues either, I was just wondering what it was all about
It's normal, my Buell started doing that after I installed steel braided brake lines from Galfer and they told me it was normal.
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