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I was bottom of the class from 1鈥檚t grade on and went to collage for three years but didn鈥檛 graduate. And have been buying motorcycles from dumb ass dealers since 1977. And not once in all those years have I ever taken a bike to anyone to be worked on for any reason. It don鈥檛 take a rocket scientist cause this ain鈥檛 rocket science.
To be fair using the US Public School System as a metric for intelligence is already a rocky start lol. You may not need to be a rocket scientist to do the maintenance on a motorcycle, but in my experience there's a good number of riders who barely have the brains to put on their helmet, and even more are too lazy to do anything more than an oil change.

Honestly wish more people knew basic things about maintenance, and how basic systems worked, but every day on facebook groups I'm always disappointed by how many times people post questions that could have simply been a google search, or have been answered literally thousands of times already.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts