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I just got the Bull-it Fury Evo Black Skinny Jeggings!

Quick review:
  • They are extremely tight all over except for the waist.
  • They are really comfortable and are NOT high rise. My other Bull-it jeggings were high waisted and had a button and zipper at the band. These sit at your natural waist and have the elastic band (no zippers or buttons). You just pull them up.
  • Also came with CE level 2 knee armor (I’ve provided pics of them). I removed the knee armor as the velcro was scratching my skin (they use velcro to keep the insert pockets closed)
  • I removed the velcro from the insert pockets to get rid of the "scratching". I'm still able to re-insert the armor.
  • The jeggings are not a rich black but instead a “washed” look. I also took pics of them with my different boots as well.
(with short boots)

(with taller boots...there was no bunching at the ankle or shins)

(the slight “baggyness” at the knee is occurring because I removed the armor)

(tugging at the belt loop, which shows where the waist band is...again this sits at your natural waist. It is not highrise)


I've ridden in them, about a 50 mile ride. They held up well.

The only issue I had was that the material is smooth so if you encounter bumps, the pants will "assist" with you being moved on the bike. I rode with a friend of mine and he took me on a bumpy route. I felt like I was on bucking bronco! I've been over bumpy roads before, but never felt like I was being thrown forward so much. I feel like it had to be these jeggings because of how smooth they are. My other pants have a bit more texture to them, so they have more grip.
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