Hello everyone,

I have for sale here a Brembo RCS17 Corsa Corta used for all of 3 weeks. My friend installed this on his bike but he made the fatal mistake of over tightening the top clamp bolt and stripped the threads from the top bolt hole ONLY (the bottom is normal). He got a new one which he installed and he gave me this one to see if I could sell it.

This master cylinder is probably too big for the Ninja 400 but I see many of you have other sports bikes where a 17mm master cylinder would be perfect.

I made a rudimentary attempt at trying to put a helicoil but it did not workout- so in all likelihood you would have to tap new threads with a bigger sized bolt and either use a bigger bolt or an actual time-sert.

Other than that the master cylinder is basically unused (literally like 5 rides). If you, or a local mechanic, can tap a new bolt then you can get this master cylinder for less than half of what it would come out to (with tax).

The price includes shipping. If you'd like you can PM me as well.