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Hello everyone,

I had purchased the MC motorparts preload fork cap adjusters a couple of months ago and installed them last night.
Everything went well. I cut the spacers the appropriate amount and the caps screwed in flawlessly and look very nice (in black and gold) BUT...

This morning I went to push the forks down to test out the new preload settings and noticed that the right fork cap is making a hissing sound from where the actual adjuster knob is. I can also smell fork oil (but It is not leaking oil). I have checked that the o-rings both around the fork cap and the base of the adjuster are in tact. Any ideas on why it may be doing this? Is there some sort of part on the inside that I could replace if I were to take the faulty one apart? Could it just be a faulty product?

I have tried taking it off, using different sized o-rings (both OEM and the crappy one that came with it). I also made sure I torqued it to factory spec. I also put some grease on the o-rings and threads.

The left one is perfect and making no noise whatsoever.

Thanks in advance.
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