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Since my particular line of work requires me to work night shift I have been thinking about adding some sort of additional lighting to my Ninja. The LED headlight is pretty good as is, especially compared to some of my other bikes I’ve owned in the past. But I occasionally find myself entering a bend and not being able to see anything past the beam of light.

I’ve been researching different types of lighting available and it seems the possibilities are endless and range from cheapo made in China ones to super high end Clearwater ones catered towards the BMW/Adventure crowd. I definitely want to go LED and keep the cost somewhere in the $100-$200 dollar range...

My question is has anyone here done any lighting mods to their Ninja 400? If so, feel free to post up your experiences. I’m curious about brand, type, cost, mounting location, durability...etc

Here’s one I’m considering so far. It’s not overly expensive and looks pretty streamlined and easy to mount. I wonder if it’s just for other drivers’ visibility or if it actually lights up the road better?

Denali Daytime Running Light Universal Flush Mounting Kit - RevZilla

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View attachment 7359

Another idea is to buy the pods separately and figure out a way to mount to the forks or under the upper fairing above the fender...? I’m not opposed to fabbing up some sort of custom brackets to mount them. This is something I would be installing myself.

Good Gravy! That 2nd pick looks cocky as ****! I need!!!!!
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