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So this crop of Z400s must be fresh off the boat. Mine might be ready tomorrow but for sure Thursday. Tomorrow(only) was supposed to be rain. Now it's Wednesday and Thursday. I'm not too keen on riding home in the rain, + cold, + crossing a 5,000ft mountain, on brand new tires (and bike). I'm thinking wait for some sun, maybe Friday. What would you do?

Plan B = trailer it home, but that seems so wrong and a nuisance. :poop:

I'll try to post a picture of our crappy weather either way for proof. ;) Especially if it snows. It's snowed 4 times this winter which I believe is a new record here.
Trailer it home.
At least when you get it home you'll have time to give the new bike a thorough inspection of everything that the dealership missed when they put it together.

I have trust issues with that especially with some of the stories read here about loose nuts and bolts, improperly adjusted clutch, and general overall lack of taking their time to make sure the bike is actually ready to ride.

I'll be trailering my ZX4RR when it finally shows up at the dealership and will be doing exactly what I said above.
Good luck and enjoy your new bike. 馃馃

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Thanks guys. The salesman said he would call when the bike is ready to go. I actually told him, "no rush, torque everything".
My rusty old trailer should still get it home OK, and, having owned 3 Sportsters I have more straps, ratchet and regular, than I can count.
So if it's more than 1 day of rain that's probably what I'll do.:(
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