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I dont have a ton of experience on diff bikes but Ive been riding/driving standard tranny vehicles for awhile and working in throttle/brake/clutch modulation is key to operating one well. With that in mind, I dont really think the 400 is really jerky in stock form, and I actually like the high engine braking lol.
Jerky can also be good as it can be an extra incentive to be more smooth! :3 I do get what people mean by it being jerky, but dont think it’s a problem if you make fine and smooth adjustments.
Buut i just recently got the bike flashed so we shall see if that will spoil me…

Unpopular opinion, I think the 400 is perfectly capable and fine in 100% stock form. It's not perfect by all means, but pretty great for the price point of 4k-5k USD used!
21 - 23 of 23 Posts