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    As many of you know, the front suspension on the Ninja can feel a bit like a pogo stick at times. I'm not sure if this is because my fork oil is degraded but it's an issue I want to address. I'm also hoping to make the bike feel more 'planted' through corners, particularly on bumpy rural roads...
  2. Suspension And Brakes
    Hello everyone, I had purchased the MC motorparts preload fork cap adjusters a couple of months ago and installed them last night. Everything went well. I cut the spacers the appropriate amount and the caps screwed in flawlessly and look very nice (in black and gold) BUT... This morning I...
  3. Ninja 400 General Discussion Forum
    Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone could give me some information/tips on how to make the rear more aggressive on my 2020 Ninja 400? A lot of people have probably already asked this question before but thought I'd try my luck anyway. Reason for asking is I genuinely just like the more aggressive...
1-3 of 3 Results