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    I'm 5'2" and went to test drive a 2019 z400 yesterday and my feet didn't quite sit flat on the ground. The seller said he had an aftermarket seat on it that was higher than the stock, but he didn't keep the stock seat. Other than that the bike seems perfect for me so I've been looking at seats...
  2. Ninja 400 Parts
    $100 plus priority shipping (US only). Like New!! Ninja 400 2018+ Ask about the AirHawk seat cover, as an added bonus (if available) (pictures to follow)...
  3. Ninja 400 General Discussion Forum
    Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone could give me some information/tips on how to make the rear more aggressive on my 2020 Ninja 400? A lot of people have probably already asked this question before but thought I'd try my luck anyway. Reason for asking is I genuinely just like the more aggressive...
1-3 of 3 Results