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  1. Ninja 400/Z400 General Discussion Forum
    Hello I just change my tire to battlax t32 160/60/17 but my question should I stay with 32psi or higher?
  2. Wheels And Tires
    So I need to get new tires. I’ve looked through a bunch of threads and most of the tires mentioned are out of stock. What is in stock: Pirelli diablo Rosso III, Metzeler Sportec M7 rr, sportec M9 rr. And some cheaper ones like shinkos which don’t really have any reviews so Idk about those. I’m...
  3. Ninja 400/Z400 General Discussion Forum
    Already order Michelin Road 5 rear tire to replace this one. Just wondering if this tire that's on the ninja 400 can make it another 500 miles? It's the OEM tire that came with the bike. Has around 5,200 miles on the tire.
  4. Ninja 400/Z400 General Discussion Forum
    Hey, Yesterday morning I got my tires for my Ninja 400 replaced for the first time. Afterwards while I was cleaning the bike, I noticed a piece of glass sticking out of the back tire. I only rode about 50km with the tire. Looking at the hole I think the deepest part is about 6mm deep. I added a...
  5. Wheels And Tires
    Hey everyone! Im new this forum and very intrested in keeping up with it all. At the moment I am actually looking to buy a new, stock rear tire for my 400. I Live in San Diego and wondering if anyone can help me out.
1-5 of 5 Results