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  1. Ninja 400/Z400 Parts
    Ez-shifter teramoto ninja 400
    $350 USD
  2. Ninja 400/Z400 Parts
    Easy plug and play quickshifter for FTECU flashed bikes. Works for standard and GP shift patterns. Also included is harness that plugs into the diagnostic port and the universal shift rod kit from FTECU. My reason for selling is that I found myself using the clutch more often than not while...
    $100 USD
  3. Electronics
    Hello everyone, I wanted to see if anyone has purchased the IRC Autoblipper and installed it on the Ninja 400. I was surprised to find out that although we don't have an electronic throttle that there is still an option for an auto blipper. I am interested in this but wanted to see if anyone...
  4. Norton Motorsports
    I was out at Chuckwalla this weekend of September 14-15th (2019) with Jeremy Toye and a couple friends to do some testing and turn some laps to start getting in shape for the CVMA season, which starts in a couple weeks. It’s been an incredibly busy year and I apologize for not posting much...
1-4 of 4 Results