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  1. Ninja 400 Parts
    Hi, wondering if anyone has these parts for sale, 55028-0643-H8, 55028-0644-H8. They are the cowling fins in ebony black. Thanks
  2. Parts & Accessories
    Hey everyone, looking for some help/information. I have a 2019 400 that’s been lowered, so a new kickstand is in order. I’ve seen many aftermarket kickstands, some universal ones, some 400 specific, and some that go to other Kawaski bikes but look like they would fit the 400. What kickstands...
  3. Ninja 400 Parts
    Just took this off my bike. Is in great condition (needs a cleaning real quick buts that's it), just didn't like the note. Comes with the heat shield, clamps and mounting bolt (all included hardware). Looking to get $350 + shipping. Ships ASAP! Will entertain offers. Factory tall windscreen -...
1-3 of 3 Results