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    Ninja 400 Complaints, Issues And Problems
  2. Engine and Technical Discussion
    hai all, does the ninja 250 2018 the same look as ninja 400 share the same clutch plate? since in my country the original parts is 2x the price compare to the ninja 250 2018 clutches, around 450usd , my question is can my bike uses the ninja 250 2018 plates since my 400 now starting to slip...
  3. Ninja 400 Complaints, Issues And Problems
    Hai, Im using ninja 400 2018 model, now my clutch have a problem, slipping at 5-6th gear above 9k RPM , since the parts of the clutch plate is so hard to find in my country ( Malaysia ) and also very expensive to order , replacement will cost around MYR 2000 thats around 450 USD for original...
1-3 of 3 Results