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  1. BREAKING NEWS: Stupid man-child from Idaho buys brand new Ninja 400 as first bike. Without ABS. Will probably die soon.

    New Member Introduction
    Hello fellow Ninja 400 owners. I'm just your friendly neighborhood racially ambiguous fat man who hasn't had a haircut since the corona-virus started to hit the news and we were all forced to stay home. About a week ago I was just an ordinary, motorcycle-less pleb, going about my lonely...
  2. Right and left turns not equal

    Ninja 400 General Discussion Forum
    Hi, I'm a relatively new rider. It's been several months since I bought my Ninja 400. I've noticed that tight right turns are more difficult to do small than left turns. I'm essentially doing the same thing: look right, turn right; look left, turn left. But, I find myself occasionally...
  3. Hello from Indonesia!

    New Member Introduction
    I got my Ninja 400 in October last year. In Indonesia, it is actually a 250cc but I reckon it’s the same bike just with lower displacement. Went with ABS SE, 2018 model year. Got into the hobby because of a friend who rides Ninja 300 (250 also)... Technically my second bike, although my first is...
  4. First Bike! - Central MA

    New Member Introduction
    Hi everyone! I'm a first time rider and picked up my '18 Ninja 400 last month. So far I've done about 100 miles in the few times I've been out and I'm absolutely loving the bike ? I'm currently in the process of breaking it in as I'm effectively the first owner, the actual first owner only put...