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  1. Kawasaki Ninja 400/Z400 Classified Forum
    Purchased these OTILLI Stealth Wing Mirrors from Amazon awhile back and waited forever to get them.. Nothing wrong with them but as a beginner rider, I just didn't feel comfortable not being able to fully see around/behind me as I can with the stock mirrors. Put them on, rode around once, and...
    $110 USD
  2. Parts & Accessories
    Anyone here using wing mirrors? Looking to get smaller mirrors but don't want to run bar ends. If you are using wing mirrors, are they worth it and can you actually see anything with them?
  3. Ninja 400/Z400 General Discussion Forum
    So, I've bought some roadster carbon look alike mirror from kiwav / magazi brand, over eBay. Cost me about 70 $, plus shipping. Had to modify some mirror block off plates to plug them on the windshield (pictures below). What can I say? They are lighter (barely 150 grs won over each one), offer...
1-3 of 3 Results