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  1. Suspension And Brakes
    Had a standoff with gravel on my way to work this morning and lost. Cowling got roughed up, back brake pedal got bent, and now my front brakes feel mushy and now sit too close to the throttle. The front brake did not feel like it was working on my way back home from the slide. Noticed that there...
  2. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Aside from the obvious (oil changes, cleaning chain, brake fluid..etc) what are some preventative maintenances and general maintenance I should be doing, anything that wouldn't be in the service manual? It's a 2020 Ninja 400 with 8500km on it.
  3. Ninja 400/Z400 General Discussion Forum
    When should I change my spark plugs/when did you guys change your spark plugs? I know the manual says 7500 miles for the first change but I feel like that’s a tad too early. Plus my bike is still running pretty smoothly so I’m unsure
  4. Ninja 400/Z400 General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys newish rider here lol Was doing a deep clean of my chain and found this tube just kinda hanging out here. Does anyone know it’s for anything in particular or if it’s just a random rubber tube just chilling here. Just wondering in case I’ve accidentally dislodged something while cleaning...
  5. Suspension And Brakes
    So title says it all. I just bought my 2021 ninja 400 straight from the dealer a few weeks ago. Going to take it into the dealer tomorrow because they're closed on Monday's. I went for a short ride and looked down to notice this yellowish ooze coming from the front brake. Any ideas on what it is?
  6. Ninja 400/Z400 General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, so I'm a fairly new rider with a 2020 Ninja 400 ABS and wanted to ask a silly question. I opted in for the dealer service package that RideNow offers where they do maintenance for the first 3 years or whatever and I was hoping to find the service mileage timeframe/schedule. The...
1-6 of 6 Results