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    Hello i bought a ninja 400 at 8k kilometers at about 12000km the clutch burned. So i brought it to an authorised service he told me the price would be 600TL(tl = turkishmoney). So i went to the authorised service to claim my bike and told me i have to pay 1200TL argued with him alot and gave...
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    Here is my Ninja 400 review. Show some love. I would greatly appreciate subscribes and thumbs up. Thanks in advance!
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    Whats up guys, Last June i bought my 2019 Black Ninja 400, honestly love this bike and it was perfect for someone like me who was new to motorcycles in general. Since last year ive gained roughly 20lbs and am weighing 240lbs standing at 6'2. i feel comfortable on the bike (or else i wouldn't...
  4. My Ninja.

    My Ninja.