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  1. How To And DIY
    Took my accelerator side handlebar end weight off. However now when I try to get it back on it won’t sit flush and pops back off when pushed on and spins freely. Anyone know the secret to get it back properly?
  2. Ninja 400 General Discussion Forum
    Hello, I have a set of after market bar ends I want to install, but after I took off the OEM bar ends i realized the handlebars have a thread at the end where the bar end bolts into vs the expanding rubber ones that im used to. Is this something I can take off or is it part of the handlebar? I...
  3. Ninja 400 General Discussion Forum
    Something like the z4000. I think it would be a comfort improvement for me.
  4. Ninja 400 Complaints, Issues And Problems
    Hey Friends, Sad news again. I had the 400 out during the night with a cover on and handlebar lock on. The wind blew it over overnight, onto the opposite side of the kickstand [it fell on the right side], must have been quite violent out there. Now I stood her back up and I got her started and...
  5. Kawasaki Ninja 400 Track And Racers Discussions
    So, Hello! I've been a long time ghost here, and want to say thanks to all you guys here. My ninja 400 build was much easier following some advices here on this forum! Just a quick question about handlebars, I'm from brazil (sorry in advance about my english language massacre), and i dont...
  6. Ninja 400 General Discussion Forum
    I currently have my bonamici racing clip ons on top of the triple clamp, but I think I have enough clearance to mount it right under he top triple. However im not sure how t remove the top clamp, i took out the plastic fork stem cover and tried loosening the 32mm hex head on the fork stem, but...
1-6 of 6 Results