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  1. Exhaust hanger bracket fitment question

    Exhaust And Headers
    Hi all, New member here I’ve been following these forums for awhile now but made an account as I couldn’t find a specific answer (I’m a bit of a bike amateur...). Been riding for 6 months, and the 2019 Ninja 400 is my first bike! Been dabbling in certain changes I’d like to make and one of the...
  2. Major Loss of Power w. High Revs

    Kawasaki Z400 Forum
    I was hoping to get some advice regarding a small bike problem I’ve got. Be glad for your thoughts. I installed a shorty slip-on exhaust as well as some shorty levers. Motorcycle performed pretty amazingly at first, but as I was riding on PCH there was a sudden, very noticeable drop in power. I...
  3. Slip-On Exhaust Opinions/Comparison

    Exhaust And Headers
    I've been looking to replace the stock exhaust in my Ninja 400 for a long time,. I for sure wanted a slip-on exhaust, something LOUD, and something that cost me $300 max. Obviously I plan to save up for it because I want to get a decent quality exhaust that will definitely last me, I want this...
  4. Akrapovic - S-K4SO5-HRT - Slip-On Line Exhaust, Titanium Muffler - FOR SALE - USED - 2600 Miles + Factory Tall Windscreen

    Ninja 400 Parts
    Just took this off my bike. Is in great condition (needs a cleaning real quick buts that's it), just didn't like the note. Comes with the heat shield, clamps and mounting bolt (all included hardware). Looking to get $350 + shipping. Ships ASAP! Will entertain offers. Factory tall windscreen -...