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  1. How To And DIY
    Hi, i recent got a ninja 400 which came with a dyno qickshifter and power commander V already instialled on the bike. is there anything i should look out for with this? any advice is welcome
  2. Ninja 400 Complaints, Issues And Problems
    Hi all, recently did a track day which had noise limits so to be on the safe side I removed my full Akra system and put my original exhaust pipes and silencer/ can back on, and all went well. Since putting the stock exhaust back on I've got the error codes 33 and 67. These are both the 02 sensor...
  3. Electronics
    Hey all, I've just recently bought my first motorcycle in a used 2018 Ninja 400 ABS with 4800kms and I seem to be having a problem. Everything works great on the bike except for a singular headlight. The bike had been dropped by the previous owner but the installed frame sliders saved it from...
  4. Engine and Technical Discussion
    So during my last track day the fuel pump stoped priming. I came in from the third session and when I went to head out for the next and the problem arose. I’ve been at it for four days now. I’ve gone through about every thread I could find and have done a lot of troubleshooting. To further...
  5. Electronics
    Hi guys, I am working on installing a pair of auxiliary light for my night rides, but the light I bought can be turned on even when the key is not inserted, I thought the relay it came with (12V 40A) would prevent this but apparently it does not. So now I am now thinking wiring it to the...
  6. Ninja 400/Z400 General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, so my Ninja hasn't been starting occasionally. When I turn it on the dash works correctly and all lights are normal including headlights etc. However, when I push the ignition nothing happens, no noise of the engine turning over or anything. Sometimes I can just turn it off and back on...
1-6 of 6 Results