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  1. New Go Slow Parts

    Ironically, I'm adding go slow parts as my first photo to an album described as "go fast parts"
  2. Suspension And Brakes
    Hello everyone, I am planning to put stainless steel brake lines on my Ninja 400 ABS and I was wondering if anyone knew the length of all the lines? 1) Front- the lines going from the master cyliner to the ABS Unit, 2) Front- From the ABS unit to the caliper, 3) Rear- from the ABS unit to the...
  3. Suspension And Brakes
    So title says it all. I just bought my 2021 ninja 400 straight from the dealer a few weeks ago. Going to take it into the dealer tomorrow because they're closed on Monday's. I went for a short ride and looked down to notice this yellowish ooze coming from the front brake. Any ideas on what it is?
  4. Parts & Accessories
    So everything is installed, and i've screwed the banjo bolt sensor into the rear brake cylinder, however the wiring doesnt have a plug (pic attached) So, how do I connect this to the brake light. Also, since i've unscrewed the original banjo bolt and screwed in a new one, do I need to bleed...
1-4 of 4 Results