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  1. Malibu Blue 2

    Malibu, CA 6/5/22 Showcasing the Norton Motorsports Gofast parts on the 2018 Ninja 400.
  2. Plasma Blue Paint Match 1

    Example of final stage of paint match using spray paint only to match the OEM Plasma Blue
  3. Plasma Blue Paint Match 2

    Example of dried, in full sunlight spray painted match to OEM Plasma Blue Paint.
  4. Plasma Blue Paint Match 3

    The Spray Paint needed to match the OEM Plasma Blue Paint
  5. Malibu Blue

    Malibu, CA 6/5/22 Plasma Blue Norton Motorsports Parts
  6. How To And DIY
    For anyone who has the Plasma Blue OEM livery, I found an extremely close paint match for those who can just spray paint. If you have a tarp, nice open area, and about $54ish (not including prep materials), you can repaint one side's worth of the blue fairings for the Ninja 400. If you wanted to...
1-6 of 6 Results