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  1. Ninja 400/Z400 General Discussion Forum
    Bought some universal bar ends that fit 7/8 but they don’t work as they are made for a hollow bar. So I dug and found the 13042 part number for the part (what is the second number? There are a few like 13042-5007 or 5009 I think) 2022 Kawasaki z400 handle weight 13042 42$ PER bar end!? Anyone...
  2. Parts & Accessories
    Hey everyone, looking for some help/information. I have a 2019 400 that’s been lowered, so a new kickstand is in order. I’ve seen many aftermarket kickstands, some universal ones, some 400 specific, and some that go to other Kawaski bikes but look like they would fit the 400. What kickstands...
1-2 of 2 Results