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  1. New Member Introduction
    Hey everyone, new here and just bought a new Ninja 400. My first bike was a Kawasaki 454 that I just sold and I decided to switch to a Sports bike. I need some opinions on what you all would do in my shoes with more experience or even just outside opinions in general. I got financed for my bike...
  2. New Member Introduction
    So, I made a deal with my mum, im currently 18, the premise of the deal is that i gotta get my drivers licence and drive her car for 6 months before i can get a bike, thats understandable given she wants me to get road experience before i ride. so when im 19 which will be the case by the time...
  3. Kawasaki Z400 Forum
    I was hoping to get some advice regarding a small bike problem I’ve got. Be glad for your thoughts. I installed a shorty slip-on exhaust as well as some shorty levers. Motorcycle performed pretty amazingly at first, but as I was riding on PCH there was a sudden, very noticeable drop in power. I...
1-3 of 3 Results